Visit flourishing gardens on Palm Beach County real estate and become inspired. Separate gardens make up the whole of Mounts Botanical Gardens of Palm Beach County. All week long from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. guests of the garden are amazed by the diversity and beauty of Florida’s flora and fauna.

Around ten degrees cooler, the Tropical Shade Garden is a popular place to visit on really hot days. Ferns and foliage intermix with bromeliads, orchids and other flowers. Rustic pathways add to the forest feel. Beginning gardeners can learn which plants and flowers attract butterflies, and how to grow herbs and vegetables in the Butterfly and Edible Gardens. Amazing displays of color are found in the Rainbow Garden. Close by, romance is in full swing in the Gazebo Garden. Here couples living in Palm Beach County are often spotted tying the knot.

Gardeners Living In Palm Beach County Learn How To Landscape

Windows of the Floating World is the largest and newest plot on this piece of Palm Beach County real estate. Walkways designed over wetlands give patrons the feel of “walking on water”. A water-wise garden conservation is showcased. Waterfalls add to the serenity of the space, and birds find other water elements to wade in. Vibrant Koi are enchanting as they come up from the water adding a splash of color to the garden. As part of the local arts in public places program, Windows of the Floating World was created with an artistic eye.

Education is a big part of the Mounts Botanical Garden of Palm Beach County. Various programs mark the calendar for children and adults. Those inspiring to have an expert green thumb will find plenty of classes to get them on their way.